Animal hosts harbour a multitude of bacterial symbionts in their digestive tracts and one of my main interests are to understand what ecological and environmental factors influence assemblies of these complex communities. I have used both natural and manipulation studies to investigate these drivers in multiple tropical bird species from New Guinea, Great tits (Parus major) in Europe, and captive Eupsittuala Parakeets.
Past work:
My work during my PhD demonstrated that:
Ongoing work: 
Currently, I am involved with two ongoing collaborative bird gut microbiome projects, with
2. Elodie Floriane Mandel-Briefer and Karina Stampe Ernst to supervise two MSc students (Marcus Glahder and Camilla Friis Hoffman) to "investigate the influence of social interactions on vocal and gut microbial convergence in Eupsittuala Parakeets".
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