Fungus-Farming Termites
I have also conducted multiple research projects on fungus-farming termites  in collaboration with Dr. Michael Poulsen and his group. My own projects have included behavioural social immunity of foraging termite workers and contributions of termites to decomposition in their natural habitats. I have also being part of other projects investigating the gut metabolites of fungus-farming termites and the antimicrobial defences of termite soldiers. 
Other animal-microbiome work
Other than bird hosts, I have also being part of research projects exploring gut microbial communities of other animal taxa, such as cockroaches and viverrid​​​​​​​s (carnivorous African mammals). 
Bird MHC diversity
I am also involved in a project with Drs. Knud Jønsson, Helena Westerdahl and Emily O'Connor to investigate the diversity of MHC alleles across the bird order Passeriformes (the most diverse bird order that account for around 60% of the extant bird diversity).
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